At Ancient Root Lab Productions we take your song from conceptual stage to finished production. Simply put, you bring your song, or a simple recording of lyrics and, or melody, to us, and we will produce an amazing industry standard finished project that includes:

• Production
• Arrangement
• Instrumental and vocal tracking
• Mixing
• Mastering


  1. Song: Melody, lyrics, instruments, and vocals put together in a complete and recorded form.
  2. Track: In a song, the instruments and vocals are separated into individual tracks.
    Example: 1 track = 1 instrument or 1 vocal line (i.e. lead vocal is 1 track; mid harmony is 1 track; doubled vocals are considered 2 tracks)
  3. Mixing: The blending of musical instruments and vocals through the use of volume, compression, limiting, EQ, reverb, delays and panning. The mixing engineer has access to and mixes the individually recorded instruments and vocals into a mono or stereo signal.
  4. MasteringThe final touches on a recording. When mastering, the engineer does not have access to the individual tracks; he works with the final mono or stereo mix only.  Mastering enhances the final mix with additional and more precise equalization, compression and limiting and sometimes stereo image manipulation.  This process raises the levels and overall quality of your song so that it will be instantly ready for airplay or mass commercial CD production.

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